Let's Talk about the Money



Sweeping is £50.


Stove maintenance & servicing - prices vary depending on time, cost of required materials and work required.


Carbon Monoxide alarms supplied - £25.00 (Honeywell alarms are all factory tested with the required amount of Carbon Monoxide and carry a six year battery/guarantee)


Cowl/Caps supplied and fitted - fitting £40.00


Cost of cowls varies; basically  you tend to get what you pay for: corrosion resistant stainless steel is the material of choice

My preferred cowl is a:

Ben Hughes' 316 stainless steel birdguard (£50 inc. delivery)

and for anti-downdraught either:

Brewer Aerodyne (£50 inc. delivery)

Mini Eurocowl (£70 inc. delivery)

Fluecube - the ultimate anti-downdraught and designed to create a draw if you can get the fire going (£350 inc. delivery)


However, if you have a cowl I am happy to fit whatever you choose.


I prefer to fit cowls and caps using 2mm stainless steel wire; the supplied stainless steel straps do not have stainless steel fixings and these usually corrode and fail after a few years by the sea and/or close to high sulphur fuels, i.e. smokeless fuel, coal, etc.



Camera inspection - £60.00 (+ £15.00 video capture and upload to Cleaner Chimneys & Windows You Tube channel)


Chimney Survey and Report - prices start at £90.00



Smoke Test 1 (sealed smoke test) - £140.00 for buildings with a chimney that is not on a party wall.



For details about what each job entails see here

Chimney Sweeping