Inspection & Testing

CCTV Inspection, Smoke tests, reports and certificates

Are you concerned about the state of your chimney flue?


Do you want to reinstate an old fireplace?


Had a chimney fire and need an inspection for your insurance?


Camera Inspection


Then you will need the modern professional services I offer. With a state-of-the-art Wohler chimney camera that has a 360 pan and 180 tilt facility to see in colour throughout the length of your chimney.


I can record and present the images to view on my You Tube channel, Google Drive or present the images on flash drive or disc.


Smoke test 1


Basically, fillling the (sealed) chimney, with smoke and checking for leaks.

A very good idea if reinstating a fireplace; especially if you are planning not to re-line the chimney.

If you want a CCTV inspection or smoke test; then, the flue will need to be swept as well to ensure that most deposits are removed to show any cracks or faults.


If the chimney forms a party wall we will need to arrange to view any adjoining properties as a visual inspection of the whole chimney is required for a pass. The chimney fails the test if the smoke comes out anywhere other than the top of the chimney pot.


Smoke test 2


Essentially a draw/evacuation test, this can be performed to check there is an adequate up-draught.  A smoke pellet is placed in the grate/stove and lit, it is expected that the smoke will disappear up the flue and exit (the correct) chimney pot.