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The Long Way Round

By jacr, Nov 6 2014 01:52PM

Had a couple of jobs in the North of the Isle of Skye - Glenhinnisdal and Kilvaxter. It was a beautiful day, cold to start with, but blue skies, sunshine and virtually no wind meant that it felt nice to be travelling through such beautiful landscape. After a couple of chimneys at Glenhinnisdal it was onto Kilvaxter (North of Uigg). By the time I had finished there it was dark and I left the customer's at six o'clock. Even then it didn't register that the Strome by-pass would close at seven o'clock. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got to the turn-off at five-minutes past seven, and the road was closed! Well, there was little to do, but call home, explain the situation and then start driving again.

At half-past eight I got to Inverness and, of course, it was bonfire night and the roads were chocka-block. It took half an hour to get from the leisure centre to the Kessock bridge! It then took a further hour and a three-quarters to get back to Applecross! The long way round!

Sweeping from the roof in Glenhinnisdal
Sweeping from the roof in Glenhinnisdal
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