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Just had a chimney fire - should I have the chimney swept?

By jacr, Dec 1 2014 07:53PM

Yes, definitely.

I have been to a few places that have told me that they've had a chimney fire in the past week or so. Generally, they seem to think that they're being very good calling the sweep in, but imagine it'll be a waste of time.

Even met a chap today (who was in the local fire service) who said that chimneys didn't need sweeping and having a fire would generally sort them out! I'd call it irresponsible and I know that many fire officers around the country would agree with me.

See below for the pictures of what I got out of them!

The rough surface of burnt soot attracts more soot and causes, guess what... more fire. Until, in the worst case scenario the flue becomes completely blocked with clinker (burnt soot)!

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