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Hello World!!

By guest, Sep 12 2014 06:58PM

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Oct 28 2014 07:51PM by andrew robins

hi dad i have to find a local company for English and i have to hand it in for Thursday and i need a product to show my teacher Mr Moss could you help me find something

Oct 28 2014 08:07PM by andrew robins

oh dad youtube videos are unforchanatly blocked on our hostles computers :-( so as much as i'd love to see them but i unforchanatly can't but i'd love to see tones of pics
love Andrew

Oct 28 2014 08:11PM by andrew robins

THNXS i'll print them out as soon as possable

Oct 28 2014 08:31PM by andrew robins

THE PICS.......WHERE SMASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanxs alot again dad love Andrew

Oct 29 2014 07:28PM by andrew

dad i need to know about your business like the times, charges, ect please reply love andrew

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